Plexiglass design and interiors

Transparent plexiglass panels and face shields for protection against Coronavirus (Covid-19) contagion.

Being in such a full medical emergency, avoiding infection is essential! In this regard, we specialized in the production of transparent plexiglass protective screens and face shields, useful for all activities in close contact with the public, with a high risk of contagion, such as hospitals, pharmacies, public offices and institutions, banks, hotels, tobacconists, grocery stores and supermarkets and receptions and desks of all sorts … Each of these activities needs to use protective panels and/or a face shield to avoid the risk of contamination and prevent the virus from spreading and, at the same time protecting staff and customers from a possible infection.
A protective plexiglass barrier avoids the possibility of an exchange of bacteria through coughing, sneezing or micro-drops of saliva dispersed in the air.
Our transparent plexiglas panels are simple to assemble and do not require screws or anything else. They are simply positioned on a reception desk or on a counter, using the lateral supports, in which the protective panel is inserted interlocking, so that the entire structure is self-supporting. An opening at the bottom allows the exchange of products and money in complete safety.
We have a standard base size of 70×90 cm, but each panel can be customized both in shape and in size and thickness, according to different needs.
Our plexiglass protective face shilds is a tranparent, anti fogging mask, protecting eyes and face from micro saliva particels, in order to prevent any risk of air contagion.
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schermi e visiere protezione covit-19

Poliedrica s.r.l. High quality plexiglass (lucite) works and furnishings.

It is back in 1973 that started processing cell cast acrylic (PMMA: Polymethyl methacrylate also known with the commercial names of: plexiglass or Plexiglas, perspex, Altuglas, Lucite, etc…) is a charming and ductile matherial, full of light, main protagonist of our creations. We are in Pomezia, near Rome, central Italy.

Interior design and works in plexiglas Poliedrica s.r.l.

Our protuction comprehends furnishing and interior design in plexiglas : dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, consoles tables, lamps, bookcases, shelves, semi-finished acrylics, rods, holders, displays, manufactures ,as well as Artistic Design and artistic works visible in our new collection. We base our work on projects realised by our designers or we can customize them according to ideas, and possibly drawings, of the clients.

Acrylic Interior design Poliedrica s.r.l. showroom

The high quality of our products, entirely MADE IN ITALY, allows us to be proudly present in the Italian and foreign market.

Some items visible in the pictures of our showroom, have been realised on the design by some designers or artists we collaborate with, thus not for sale nor for production.