Acrylic Artistic design

We called Artistic Design a new line ranging from interior design products, such as tables, chairs, Poliedrica dining table in acrylic BaiaderaPoliedrica chair in plexiglas Tronettoconsoles, to the production of works of art realised with sheets of colored lucite used as in a mosaic.
These products are made with innovative working techniques, often experimental, that we have developed over time, and we like to continue to explore and improve.Poliedrica Acrylic console Multicolore
Thanks to this ongoing research we deal with technical difficulties, always new and exciting, that encourage us to find ingenious solutions, sometimes extremely original, in order to obtain results with obvious aesthetic value.Poliedrica plexiglas sculpture Cono Legato

Some of the products in the collection are also made on commission or in collaboration with important and well-known designers and artists.