Chairs in plexiglass

In the world of art, there are many examples of works that have ‘the chair’ as their main subject. Starting from the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh ‘ The chair of the artist ‘ dated 1888, to more conceptual works such as ‘ Chair with fur rug ‘ by George Brech of the year 1966 , or ‘ One and Three Chairs ‘ by Joseph Kosuth dated 1965 . No need to mention the thousands of examples of chairs that have been created in the field of interior design by famous designers, one for all: the so famous polycarbonate chairs designed by Philippe Starck, who have now flooded the market.
The lucite chairs of our line of ‘artistic design ‘ , most likely will not be counted among the works in anthologies of art ,nor we will ever expect the market success of the example above, but they are nevertheless unique; something that you will hardly be able to see elsewhere. That’s for sure ! These are works made ​​by art , by the expert hands of our craftsmen in processing and manufacturing the acrylic lucite ( PMMA : polymethyl methacrylate) . If once was the throne with its magnificence to give importance to the king that over there was sit , our colored lucite chairs, thanks to their imposing and extravagant shapes, their effects of light and colors, they obtain an analogous result: being something unique, that makes you unique.