The Company

Poliedrica s.r.l. was born in 1996 from a previous company, Polimec s.r.l., a company which already in 1973 entered the market transforming and commercializing PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), a material full of light, versatile and fascinating, world spread mostly known with the name of Lucite or plexiglas or perspex or more generally as cast acrylic or methacrylate.Interior design in plexiglass Poliedrica s.r.l. the company
Thanks to the more than forty years experience of the leadership, Poliedrica has reached the highest quality in mechanical, thermal (heat-treating) and chemical(through perfect gluing) processing of PMMA.

The high quality of products, the valid customer care service combined with a remarkable speed in delivering, Company working acrylic plexiglass Poliedrica s.r.l.thanks also to the extreme closeness of the producers of raw materials, has allowed Poliedrica to settle with enthusiasm in Italian and foreign market. We have customers throughout Europe and beyond, including, to name just a few, the Italian Mint or famous brands like CARTIER or CALVIN KLEIN and many designers and artists world spread known.