Art objects and decorations

The collection presented here includes lucite sculptures and some acrylic decorative items. The techniques used to realise these items are extremely difficult and are the result of research and attempts made over the years in which we have taken the lucite working process to its extremes. We compose our creations as ancient mosaics using perspex panels of various colors, but unlike those that were limited to two-dimensional surfaces , our works are developed in three dimensions . The effects you get are amazing and unfortunately difficult to represent in a photograph.  The colors, the lights , the reflections , the refractions and diffractions mingle and shine in a dynamic way , creating a virtual world made ​​of kaleidoscopic effects and sensations that remind emotions belonging to forgotten past , catapulting us into a world where we rediscover ourselves as children; a world made of play and toys; a world made of smells of bright colored candies; such a cozy world where it feels sweet to get lost . All items shown here , made ​​entirely by us or on the drawing of various artists and designers, are unique pieces or limited editions .