Starting from the raw material in the form of blocks and sheets,  acrylic rods Poliedrica s.r.l.
we produce a wide range of products ranging from industrial semi-finished acrylics, cases, display cabinets in plexiglas of different kinds, acrylic cases Poliedrica s.r.l.
manufactures in general, to furnishing and interior design in acrylic.
manufactures in plexiglass Poliedrica s.r.l.plexiglass displays Poliedrica s.r.l.Interior design in plexiglass
Acrylic dining tables, lucite coffee tables, consoles tables in acrylic, lucite chairs, bookcases, shelves, tunnels in perspex, covers, we can achieve all that the processing of acrylic (PMMA) can accomplish. We often put ourselves into challenge experimenting new processing techniques,
artistic design in plexiglass dealing with extreme difficulties in order to create unique or limited edition pieces of evident aesthetic and artistic value, visible in our collection of artistic design.